Fast Cash Check Cashing & Payday Loans Wisconsin Dells, WI
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Cash Advances up to $1,500.00*

A Dells Fast Cash payday loan (also known as a cash advance) is an easy way to get up to $1,500* of emergency cash - in just minutes! Just provide us with a check from your checking account to get the quick cash you need - with competitive terms and no credit required.

Want to know the payday cash loan amount you can get? Use our easy loan calculator, fill out our secure online cash advance form, then come into the Dells Fast Cash - and get your cash advance loan that very same day! It’s that simple.

To make the cash advance payday loan process as fast and smooth as possible, be sure to bring:

Have more questions?
Call us! If you have additional questions about our cash advance payday loans, please call 608-253-FAST (3278).